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I have had the pleasure of receiving support from your organization in a very large move from Japan to Germany. It has been absolutely wonderful working with the agent, Tram Brown. She has been absolutely knowledgeable about everything from the transition to travel arrangements. In the 20+ years that I have been traveling abroad I have never worked with someone so caring and professional. Any future moves I and my family make will always be through Interstate. 

Thank you so much for assigning such a terrific and caring professional to my family's move.

Aaron I.

IT WENT GREAT!  I obtained packing and moving estimates from four companies before making a decision.  It was difficult because I had never moved so much stuff across the country.   I selected Interstate Moving and Storage based on their estimate and the comprehensive services offered.  They even took care of obtaining parking permits since we lived on a busy street.  INTERSTATE is a TERRIFIC COMPANY with outstanding employees.  Virtually everything made it to Colorado in excellent condition, including a number of delicate (and quite valuable) sculptures, fine Waterford crystal, silver, jewelry, marble topped antique side board and two wash stands, rugs, lamps, dishes, paintings and carved wall hangings, everything!  Nothing was broken. The packers (led by Porsche) were the very best.  They worked hard all day, and were very respectful and patient.  Porsche packed liked she was packing for the Queen of England.  Nobody could have done it better.  I had about a dozen pieces of original artwork, ultra fragile sculptures and they all made it in PERFECT condition!  Absolutely perfect.  Not a single little finger broken.  She carefully floated each one in bubble wrap and popcorn in individual oversized boxes. 

On DAY TWO, the heavy movers arrived to move the furniture and the dozens of boxes packed the day before.   I was impressed with their energy, physical strength and outgoing personalities.  In addition, I was impressed with their ability to solve problems.   Fox example, there was a very large desk upstairs that had to be disassembled and moved over an outdoor railing as there was no way it would go down the stairs.  The movers removed the screens and doors where necessary and put it all back just the way they found it.  

In addition, their office staff was excellent.  The woman who provided the estimate (Kim Woods) for Interstate had a friendly, outgoing personality and was willing to negotiate in good faith.  She even dropped off used boxes ahead of time so I could start packing, and she showed up on moving day to make sure everything was going as it should.   
The representatives Interstate were honest, patient, competitive, and persistent, but never pushy.   Incidentally, the owners of Interstate are also donors to the Salvation Army, one of my favorite charities, something I found out quite by accident, but it did help me make the decision between the last two very competitive bids. 

When our furniture and personal effects arrived in Colorado the movers on this end were excellent, too.  All of the boxes and other items were carefully numbered so that we knew everything arrived here.  They covered the floors and banisters with cardboard and packing blankets to make sure nothing was scratched.  They were happy and hard working and they got it all in in only about 6 hours.  They never stopped until it was done. And they put everything together and moved it to the positions I requested.

Overall, they are an A+ moving company and I highly recommend them.  They did what they said they would on exactly the days they said they would do it.  I know there are cheaper companies out there, but if you want a professional move, and peace of mind that your things will be treated with the utmost care, this is the company you want to hire.  They are definitely worth it.

Angie W.

Thanks to all at Interstate for a wonderful "pick up day" for my belongings. Everything went as smooth as could be. Interstate's employees (Maurice Halder, Anthony Davis, Sr and Derek Watkins) who worked on my job were polite, efficient, pleasant and professional. The team was here all day and they worked continuously with smiles on their faces and never a raised voice.

So glad, after calling many companies, Interstate and I connected. Sherrie Skinner is an informed and efficient sales rep who delivers what she promises.

Thanks Interstate.

Georgia F.

Thank you so much for such a great move experience!  Mike Stine was very helpful and put together a great quote. The office staff that I contacted were all helpful.

The move crew was unbelievable!  I was expecting four people but only three were on the team so the move time was extended a bit but those three not only were careful and professional but they were personable and made me feel very comfortable during the move.

They worked hard to move out a bed that was tricky to get down the stairs and the window company you hired to pop a window so that a four poster frame could be removed was also great.

I have known leadership team members through Leadership Fairfax and the Chamber but had never worked with anyone.  I had great confidence in the company and that confidence was rewarded.

Janet M.

I have moved many times and this has been the best move I've experienced to date.  From the minute Lynn took on the job, she has made me feel like my house and my goods were special.  She is attentive to details, has excellent follow up skills, rolls up her sleeves and does what it takes to get the job done, on time, and with excellent results.  Moving is difficult in the best of circumstances, but with Lynn on the job, I was not stressed.  She invoked a high level of trust for the security and care of my goods and me, at all points during the process.

My move was complicated by multiple stages of moving out, storage of some of the goods, and a schedule that my company didn't make easy on any of us.  Lynn remained unrattled throughout.  Not only was she able to turn on a dime, she exuded calm and a cheerful "get it done" attitude, no matter the complexity.

Lynn is unique in her ability to operate at a level of minute detail one minute and general overall strategy and problem solving the next.  It's a skill I find rare in others, but I sure appreciate it when I do see it.  I feel quite fortunate to have had someone to work with on my move that could do both.

When I have a standout positive experience, I think it's important to praise the person responsible and to let their supervisor know about it.  I can't speak highly enough of Lynn and my impression of Interstate as a result of working with her.

Vicki B.

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